env-img1 Cezars Cafe is committed to protecting and improving the environment. As a service provider we try out best to lower our energy consumption in the following categories: coffee preparation, lighting and refrigeration. All our cafes are committed to efficiency and sustainability, thus reducing our footprint on the environment. Ultimately, every service provider should take the responsibility for implementing their own efficiency and sustainability program seriously to protect the environment and to support their community they serve.To reduce resource consumption, we invite energy efficiency experts into our locations to conduct Energy Audits. The team completes a full review of water, electricity and gas consumption. Based on their observations and findings, we make behavior and/or equipment changes to make our locations even more environmentally friendly.

Practices in place:

  • During periods of long breaks, cafes are expected to combine food products into one or two refrigerated unit. The remaining refrigerated units are to be cleaned, unplugged with the door left open.
  • Water faucets are never left unattended and running without a purpose.
  • Conduct periodic leak inspections and report any leakage to building maintenance.
  • Refrigeration seals/gaskets are to be inspected for cracks and deformities. Damaged gaskets which are allowing the escape of cool air will be replaced immediately.
  • Storage room lights are to be turned off between periods of non-activity.
  • Separate waste into specific bins for the purpose of recycling.
  • Set defrost cycle to 20 minutes, 4 times per day.
  • Use reusable ware, plates, bento boxes, silverware and beverage cups are reusable.
  • Coffee mug program. At a number of our locations, we have added recyclable mugs at the coffee station and encourage customers to use and return our mugs over using disposable, single use cups.
  • Vending machines are set on timers to power-down when the area is vacant to reduce energy consumption. We also use the newest models which are the most energy efficient.